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Price List 2023

Pricing and Services 

Overnight rates
1 dog   $40 per night
2 dogs $50 per night
3 dogs $60 per night 

4 dogs $70 per night
There is a discount available for the dogs who stay longer than
7 consecutive nights. We also have a VIP (very important Pet)
punch card that makes every tenth night free.

Business Hours
We allow drop off and pick-up anytime during business hours.

 8AM - 4PM Monday to Thursday  

 9 am - 4pm Friday Saturday and Sunday

 At 6PM  7 days a week there will be a $10 charge for pick up between 6 and 6:30pm 

Daycare rates and hours: 
hours 8am to 4pm 7 days a week
1 dog $30 full day $15 half a day
2 dogs $40 full day $20 half a day 

We do offer pre paid day care punch cards at a discounted rate.